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Summer break is a fantastic time for students to relax and recharge, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for them to continue growing both academically and spiritually. At Lakeside Christian School, we believe in the importance of maintaining a balance between faith and learning, even during the summer months. As one of the best private schools in Clearwater, Fl, and a leader among Christian schools in Clearwater, Fl, we offer some valuable strategies to help students of all ages keep their faith and learning thriving over the summer.


For Elementary School Students

1. Faith-Based Reading Lists: 

Encourage your young learners to dive into books that not only captivate their imaginations but also reinforce their faith. Choose stories with Christian themes, such as tales of biblical heroes or books that teach moral lessons grounded in scripture. By integrating faith-based reading into their daily routine, children can enhance their reading skills while deepening their understanding of Christian values. Recommended summer reading lists curated by our Lakeside elementary teachers for K-5 students along with other summer recommended activities and ideas can be found here.

2. Daily Devotionals: 

Establish a routine of morning or evening family devotionals. These can be short, simple readings from a children’s Bible or devotional book, followed by a discussion about the day’s lesson. This practice helps instill a habit of seeking God’s guidance and reflecting on His Word daily. We highly recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible for younger elementary students and the Action Bible for grades 3-6.

3. Educational Christian Apps and Games: 

There are many educational apps and games designed specifically for Christian school children. These tools can help keep young minds engaged with fun activities that incorporate biblical lessons and educational content. Look for apps that focus on Bible stories, Christian songs, and interactive learning games. Go For Kids has a great list of Christian apps and games for kids which you can find here.

4. Family Prayer Time: 

Set aside time each day for family prayer. This can be a special moment where everyone shares their thoughts, gives thanks, and prays for God’s guidance and protection. Family prayer time reinforces the importance of faith in daily life and strengthens family bonds.


For Middle School Students

1.Youth Groups:

Encourage middle schoolers to join their church’s youth group and middle school Bible Study classes. Many churches also offer summer activities for teens to hang out together in safe environments and to grow in their faith. Group studies can help students delve deeper into the Bible, share insights, and grow in their faith together. They can tackle topics relevant to their age group, such as peer pressure, identity in Christ, and making wise choices. If your church doesn’t offer middle school groups or studies, we invite you to check out the youth group at Lakeside Community Chapel; the group meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm and also offers Bible study small groups for middle school boys and middle school girls at 5 pm on Wednesdays. Call the church office at 727-441-1714 for more information.

2. Volunteer and Service Projects: 

Summer is a great time for private middle school students to engage in community service. Organize or participate in service projects through your church or community organizations. Activities like helping at a food bank, participating in a local clean-up, or visiting nursing homes can teach students the value of serving others and living out their faith in practical ways.

3. Faith and Science Exploration: 

Combine learning and faith by exploring the wonders of God’s creation. Encourage students to study nature, conduct science experiments, and learn about the world from a Christian perspective. Discuss how scientific discoveries align with biblical truths and the marvels of God’s design. Need help finding science activities? Education Corner’s website has 40 different experiments middle schoolers can do at home.

4. Journaling: 

Encourage students to keep a journal where they can reflect on their daily experiences, prayers, and scripture readings. Journaling helps them process their thoughts, deepen their relationship with God, and track their spiritual growth over the summer.


For High School Students

1. Summer Courses and Online Learning: 

High school students can take advantage of online courses to get ahead academically. Look for courses that align with their interests and academic goals, including those that offer a Christian perspective. These courses can help them stay academically engaged and prepare for the upcoming school year. Looking for a summer course for your high schooler? There are many you can find online just by searching or contact Principal Crane at 727-461-33311 ext 312 for personalized recommendations for your Lakeside Christian School student.

2. Youth Group Activities: 

Participate in church youth group activities or mission trips. These experiences can provide high school students with opportunities to serve others, grow in their faith, and build strong Christian friendships. Mission trips, in particular, can be transformative at this age, offering a chance to see faith in action and share the gospel with others outside of their local town. 

3. Bible Study Apps:

High school students can greatly benefit from Bible study apps on their phones that make engaging with scripture more accessible and interactive. We recommend the WordGo App created by Bible Study Fellowship, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. This app allows students to delve into individual daily Bible study or participate in small group studies with friends, providing a structured and enriching way to explore God’s Word anytime, anywhere. By incorporating technology into their Bible reading routine, students can maintain a consistent and meaningful connection with God’s Word throughout the summer.

4. Faith-Based Book Clubs: 

Organize or join a faith-based book club with Christian friends. Choose books that challenge and inspire, from classic Christian literature to contemporary faith-based novels. Book clubs foster discussion, critical thinking, and deeper understanding of Christian principles.

5. Christian Mentorship: 

Encourage high school students to find a trusted mentor within their church or youth group. A discipleship mentor can provide guidance, support, and encouragement, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence and grow spiritually. Being mentored by someone with a strong faith can be incredibly impactful during these formative years.


Maintaining a balance between faith and learning during the summer is essential for students’ holistic development and preparation for the next school year. At Lakeside Christian School, we are committed to supporting our students’ growth in all areas of their lives. By incorporating these strategies, families can ensure their children continue to thrive academically and spiritually, making the most of their summer break.

If you’re looking for a school that prioritizes both academic excellence and spiritual growth, consider Lakeside Christian School, the best private school in Clearwater, FL. As a leading Christian school in Clearwater, FL, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and faith-filled environment for all our students. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can support your child’s educational journey.

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