Thank you for your interest in Lakeside Christian School as a potential place of employment. Our school is a K-12 education ministry of Lakeside Community Chapel focused on academics, evangelism, and discipleship. We desire to give every student a solid education as well as have students come to faith and to grow in their faith.

We are looking for professional Christian educators with an appropriate degree and a mature walk with the Lord. All staff are involved in teaching Bible and/or participating somewhere within the ministry in Christian education. This requires a solid understanding of God’s Word, as well as a desire to honor Christ as Lord through obedience to His Word. We prayerfully seek God to prompt potential applicants to consider our ministry as place where they can utilize the gifts with which God has blessed them.

Applicant Information

Ministry-Related Requirements

Lakeside Christian School is a ministry of Christian K-12 education, evangelism, and discipleship, owned and operated by Lakeside Community Chapel (LCC). The following are requirements of all applicants prior to being hired:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • A written testimony of salvation
  • Criminal Background checks, drug testing
  • Educational, employment, and pastoral references
  • Affirmation of LCC doctrinal statement
  • Regular attendance at LCC or another local Evangelical church (once employed)
  • Appropriate degree (minimum):
    • Elementary Teacher: Bachelor’s in Elementary Ed
    • Secondary Teacher: Bachelor’s in Secondary Ed w/ 24 semester hours in Content/Subject Area
Employee Benefits
  • Health
  • Tuition assistance for graduate degrees
  • Tuition discount for employees students
  • Leave (sick, bereavement, jury duty)
  • Annual professional training

If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact the administrator at




Job Descriptions

We often do not know actual open opportunities until late spring. Until then, we will post generic positions such as “General Elementary” or “Secondary Content-Specific Teacher.” If you are interested in us as a place of employment, we encourage you to start the application process so that we have all of your information on file to review.

If you meet all of our qualifications, we will contact you to initiate discussions of potential employment.


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