Private Elementary School Clearwater, FL Grades K-5 - Lakeside Christian School

Elementary School
Grades K-5

Elementary School Students

Mastery Learning Program

  • Mastery of Elementary Math & Language Arts standards lead to success in secondary grades.


Accelerated Learning Solutions

  • Gifted students prepared for Honors Level coursework at secondary Level.


Robust Early Reading Intervention

  • Rigorous phonics program produces competent readers and early reading achievement.

Our Mastery Learning Division supports all students in grades K to 5 with a solid academic foundation in math and language arts. Integrated into our Mastery Learning Division is our Accelerated Learning Program which offers gifted students more rigorous coursework. Also included is our robust early reading program, providing rigorous phonics instruction to our early elementary students (grades K-2), which produces competent and confident readers. Our Mastery Learning Division is uniquely able to prepare our students for higher learning, required for success in middle grades.

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