Frequently Asked Questions - Lakeside Christian School

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I re-enroll?

Log in to your Parents Web account. Under the Family Information tab, click on “Enrollment/Re-enrollment” and complete information as required. Please Note: medical information and over-the-counter medication permissions have been added for all students.

How does the aftercare program work?

Any student still on school property and not in an afterschool activity at 4:15 is automatically enrolled in the aftercare program for the day.  Parent accounts will be billed at the rate of $10 per day per child to a maximum amount of $140 per child per month.  All students must be picked up by 6pm.  The aftercare phone number is 727-423-6118.  

How will I know of school closings due to weather or other emergencies?

Parents will be notified via email of any school closings or emergency situations.  Generally, for weather situations, we will align with the Pinellas County School System.

How do I let the school know if my student will be late or absent?

Parent should call or email school to advise of their student’s absence and provide the office with any physician’s note they may have received.

What are Lakeside’s school hours?

Lakeside’s school hours are from 8 am – 3:20 pm.  Students may be dropped off/arrive on campus beginning at 7:15

How can I access the student handbook and code of conduct?

Both can be found here.

Where can I find the School Supplies List?

You can view it by clicking here

What grades does Lakeside serve?

Lakeside serves grades K-12.

Our family does not adhere to any specific faith. Is this an impediment to applying to Lakeside Christian School?

No, there is no religious requirement for Lakeside attendance.  However, through daily biblical instruction offered through our committed Christian staff, Lakeside’s spiritual mission is that all students would come to know, love, and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are students required to take religious courses?

Yes.  All students who attend Lakeside Christian School will have daily biblical instruction and weekly chapel services as part of our curriculum.

Does Lakeside have a dress code and/or a uniform requirement?

Yes.  Lakeside’s dress code is detailed in the Lakeside Parent Handbook.  Additionally, Lakeside requires that students wear the Lakeside polo with the school logo, which may be purchased only at Lakeside.

Find more details here.

Is an admissions test required as part of the admissions process?

All prospective students (excepting K5) must take admissions examinations to assess their current levels of academic preparedness.

Is Lakeside accredited?

Yes.  Lakeside Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI).

Does Lakeside offer competitive sports?

Yes. Lakeside holds athletic membership with the Florida High School Athletics Association (FHSAA) and the Florida Christian Association of Private and Parochial Schools (FCAPPS). Therefore, we offer a variety of sports throughout the school year such as: football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, cheerleading, soccer, cross country and track. See Athletics tab at website for details.

Does Lakeside offer any scholarships?

Yes. Lakeside participates in the McKay and StepUp for Students Scholarship programs as well as our in-house scholarship through the FACTS program.

Does Lakeside have a privacy policy?

You can access it here.

Does Lakeside have a policy on threats to student safety?

Yes. Click here.

How does Lakeside handle "Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting?"

Click the links below for more information on the law requiring all school personnel to report any signs of child abuse.

Additionally, if you would like information about reporting suspected misconduct by LCS educational staff, click here.