What Colleges Look for in Your Child’s School

Everyone knows that college application season is the most stressful time for parents and students. College admissions offices are always changing their criteria for what they look for in an applicant, but a few constants remain the same. At Lakeside Christian School, one of the best Christian schools in Clearwater, FL, we know what colleges are looking for in your child’s education. We work with students to properly prepare them well in advance of the college application process. This article will discuss what colleges will specifically look for in your child’s high school. 

1. Diversification and Rigor of Classes

Class selection is a crucial component for any high school student’s career. The rigor of your child’s classes will stand out when admission offices look over applications. Lakeside Christian School offers a comprehensive course load with small class sizes in order to better develop your child’s strengths. Diversification has never been more important when it comes to applications. Now more than ever, college admission boards are looking for someone who not only focuses on one subject but also challenges themselves by expanding their class selection. We strongly encourage our students to branch out and explore new curriculum so that they may expand their knowledge.  

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2. Extra Curricular Activities

Activities outside of the classroom should be featured in your child’s application as much as their coursework. Participating in sports and other school activities showcases to colleges that your son or daughter is a go-getter who is eager to be involved with their school, community, and peers. Lakeside Christian School offers a full complement of competitive athletic teams for all grades ranging from elementary to highschool. As a preeminent Clearwater, FL, Christian school, we want our students to strive for greatness in all of their endeavors, whether it be on the courts or as a member of one of our school clubs. We enable our students to boast a plethora of experiences to call upon when it is time to apply to universities.

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3. Leadership Roles in the Community

Community is the foundational piece that Lakeside Christian School was built on. In order to be accepted into most colleges today, your child must be involved in some form of service for their community. As a faith-based school, we strongly encourage our students to love and care for those around them. College admission offices search for well-rounded students who have a solid grasp on what it takes to be an exemplary student. From their first day of elementary school up through their graduation day, we mold all of our students into leaders and work to prepare them for the next stage of their lives.        

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