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As a parent, deciding amongst the Christian schools in Clearwater, FL is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child. Not only does your child’s school powerfully influence their day to-to-day happiness, knowledge, and growth, but it also plays a pivotal role in determining their future. At Lakeside Christian School, we understand this importance and approach every day as your child’s best day.

Community, Faith, and Academics

As a Christian school, kindness and respect are everything to us. Our teachers treat each child with the compassion and personal attention they need to bloom, yet possess the disciplinary capabilities needed to ensure order and learning in the classroom. Our students are taught biblical values such as being kind to one another and serving the community.

We believe in glorifying God in our day-to-day lives. Education is one of the most important ways we can do this, as it paves the way to a better life for our country’s children. Here at LCS, we believe that when your child builds his or her life on the foundation of faith and academic excellence, their opportunities are limitless. Rooted in Christianity but welcoming of every faith, Lakeside Christian School is a well-rounded catalyst for your child’s happiness and success.

Embracing All of God’s Children

At LCS, our student body perfectly reflects the ethnic diversity of Pinellas County. However, diversity is about far more than race or culture.

Our student body also ranges from accelerated learners to behaviorally-challenged students, and each one gets the unique attention they deserve. With small classroom sizes, top-notch teachers, and brand new educational materials, we set each child up to be the best version of themselves. At LCS, we don’t see a behaviorally-challenged child as “worse” than a gifted learner. We see the behaviorally-challenged child as someone who can become an equally skilled learner with a little help.

A Clearwater, FL, Christian School Shouldn’t Be a Luxury

If you’re like most American families, you may be thinking, “I likely can’t afford any of the Christian schools in Clearwater, FL.” That’s okay! At LCS, we are firm believers that a quality private school education should be available to all students. A child’s education should be determined by where they will thrive, regardless of whether their parents are in the small percentage of families who can realistically afford private school. This is why we are proud to be a Step Up for Students participating school. Our partnership with this state-approved nonprofit program can open the door to a better future for your child. After all, they deserve the best Clearwater, FL Christian school!

Want to see us in action? We offer 1-on-1 tours during school hours, so you can see if LCS would be a great fit for your child. To schedule a visit or ask us any questions, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or fill out this form.

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