The Benefits of a Christian Education

Children who study under Christian tutelage not only grow academically, they cultivate a stronger sense of spirituality and develop a more comprehensive worldview. While remaining academically competitive with their counterparts, they also benefit from a variety of intangibles that simply aren’t offered in other institutions.

As you address this important question — whether or not to allow your child to grow in a Christian education setting — keep in mind that a Clearwater, FL, Christian school, like Lakeside Christian School, can help make this a reality and even help you obtain financial assistance through one of the Step Up For Students scholarships they support. By expanding the availability of private Christian education in the Clearwater area, Lakeside Christian School is helping more students benefit from a learning environment that doesn’t distance God from academics.

Individual Attention

Private Christian schools in Clearwater, FL, tend to benefit from superior student-teacher ratios which allows instructors to connect with students more closely and provide them with individualized instruction geared toward bolstering their strengths and mitigating their weaknesses. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) notes that the student-teacher ratio for public schools was 16.1 students per teacher in 2014. By comparison, the student-teacher ratio for private schools was 12.2. That’s a nearly 25 percent reduction in class size in private institutions, which, in turn, fosters more opportunities for individual attention.

Shared Values

Students who spend each and every day learning side-by-side with other like-minded individuals who care about their fellow man and embrace God tend to develop morally and ethically earlier than their peers. Your child will be supported by their learning community — including students, faculty, and staff — and be guided to make the right decisions and conduct themselves according to Christian values.

Biblical Lessons

If you want your child to be immersed in the word of God, it’s important that their studies incorporate Biblical lessons each and every day. Not only does the Bible teach us valuable lessons about morality, acceptance, and absolution, it lends itself to the development of leadership qualities and instills a sense of conviction in students. In addition, Christian education materials integrate a religious viewpoint that helps guide students’ learning and development.

Developing Faith

As a parent, if you want your child to abide by the principles of the Bible, you need to ensure that they are surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to put their love of Christianity on display for others to observe and learn from. As your child grows and matures, you want to ensure that their faith in God’s word experiences a similar growth. At home and in church, you will work to cultivate a strong Christian faith. A student who is enrolled in a Clearwater, FL, Christian school will continue to develop their faith inside and outside of school.

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