Step Up for Students First Responders Program – What You Need to Know

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which started in 1998 with the aim of giving low-income families a choice in where their children attended school, eventually led to the creation of Step Up for Students in Clearwater, FL scholarships.

Ever since it began by supporting 750 children in Florida, Step Up for Students has expanded to assist approximately 80,000 students across the entire state. The scholarship enables parents to send their children to participating private schools if they feel they are not getting a decent education at their neighborhood schools.

What Makes the Step Up for Students Program Different?

The Step Up for Students scholarship program is exceptional because it concentrates on students with the fewest alternatives for improving their educational quality. According to research, Step Up for Students scholarships primarily help low-performing students, and they give parents a chance to help their kids succeed.

With the help of Step Up for Students in Clearwater, FL, schools offer high-quality education in preparation for a better future. This award has become more valuable every year and gives young, talented people a chance to pay for private education.

Is Step Up for Students Available for Private Middle Schools in Clearwater, Florida?

Yes, Lakeside Christian School accepts and rewards middle school children whose parents are eligible for Step Up for Students in Clearwater, FL.

Lakeside Christian is one of the few private high schools in Clearwater, Florida, to extend this scholarship to students of all age groups.

Through this program, the Lakeside Christian School is enabling students across economic and social backgrounds to access high-quality education that was previously only available to those with financial means.

All children are provided with the process, curriculum, and resources necessary by the K–12 private school to learn more quickly than they would in a regular classroom.

Unaffected by parent poverty, a sizable portion of children both locally and nationally have severe deficiencies in prior grade-level skills, which hinders their success in high school and college.

How Can I Apply?

Parents and students who are interested in applying for the scholarship must go to and select the “Learn More/Apply Now” tab. Enrollment is currently open for the academic year 2022–2023. Click the “Apply” button for the next step.

Users are first led to the registration page of the portal. Here, you must fill in the name, email address, and contact information, as well as set up a password. You will be required to provide further information supported by pertinent documents after logging in with your registered account, including:

  • Paycheck stubs (30 consecutive days closest to when you submit your application)
  • Residence documentation for every household member (e.g., health insurance, Medicaid, income paperwork, energy bills, court custody records, or a residential lease identifying all household members)
  • All potential sources of income (for example, unemployment payments, social security benefits, child support benefits, and so on)
  • Primary and secondary parents’ licenses, passports, etc.
  • Members of the US Armed Forces may be requested for a copy of the Leave and Earning Statements (LES)

The first step is to ascertain your eligibility for the program, and only then can you complete the entire registration process. The website has clearly listed all the eligibility criteria for this purpose.

Do you have questions regarding the Lakeside Christian Step Up for Students in Clearwater, FL application procedure? Please call us today at (727) 239-7808 or visit our website.