Christian High School in Clearwater

Are you looking for a Christian high school in Clearwater, FL that embodies strong morals while providing an esteemed college preparatory academic environment? If so, look no further than Lakeside Christian School! At LCS, each student’s path is paved with top-notch academics and guided by Christian roots.

Affiliated with the Church but welcoming of all religious beliefs, we strive every day to make our learning community the foundation for your child’s bright future.

Private High School in Clearwater, FL, With College Preparatory Academics

As a parent of a future or current high schooler, you know how important these four years are in regard to everything from your child’s emotional development to their future college and subsequent career. Choosing the right school and providing love and support at home are the two most important things a parent can do for their teen.

At LCS, we pride ourselves on our 100% graduation rate. This is a direct result of our commitment to the student as a whole. At our LCS, your high schooler is more than just a standardized test score, an AP credit, or a college admission statistic on our list. We see these as results that come from treating a student as a multidimensional individual with unique interests, talents, and dreams. Academic excellence comes from the perfect combination of encouragement and challenge, and we strive daily to ensure your student achieves their fullest potential.

A Community That Lets Your Teen Flourish

High school can be a challenging time, as your student segues out of childhood and starts to transition into adulthood. If a student is bullied or made to feel emotionally uncomfortable, they are not able to learn properly or achieve their fullest potential. This is why LCS operates on the principles of kindness, service, and understanding. We also have a strictly enforced No Bullying policy, to which every student is held.

Education is about far more than grades. The moral standards your child learns during his or her formative years will help shape the person they become for the rest of their lives. At LCS, we help your child build his or her proverbial “house” on a foundation of rock, rather than sand. We believe in treating others with compassion and facilitating an environment of joy, and we believe every high school student can flourish in our learning community. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God and improve lives through education.

Touring Christian High Schools in Clearwater, FL?

If you’re searching for a welcoming Christian high school in Clearwater, FL, we invite you to take a look at LCS in action! We provide 1-on-1 tours, so parents can truly envision what their child’s day-to-day life would be like in our fun, challenging, and compassionate learning environment.

Worried about the cost of Christian high schools in Clearwater, FL? Don’t be! We are a Step Up participating school, so your child could receive a scholarship. Check out the Step Up website for details.

For more information on Lakeside Christian School or to schedule a tour, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or fill out this form.

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