Is Your Child Eligible for a Private School Scholarship?

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program began in 1998 with the objective of giving low-income families a choice in where their children attended school. The Step Up for Students scholarship is one of the most beneficial scholarship programs for private school students.

Since its inception in Clearwater, Florida, Step Up for Students has grown to serve approximately 80,000 students across the state. The scholarship allows parents to send their children to participating private schools if they believe their children are not receiving proper education at their local public schools.

Learn more today about whether your child is eligible for a private school scholarship through Step Up for Students.

Who Is the Step up for Students Scholarship Program for?

Students who have the fewest alternatives for improving their educational quality are eligible for the Step Up for Students funding program. Step Up for Kids grants primarily aid low-performing pupils and allow parents to assist their children in reaching success.

The Step Up for Students grant allows private elementary schools in Clearwater, Fl to deliver a high-quality elementary education to their community in order to help them achieve a better future. The Step Up for Students scholarship is also available for private middle schools in Clearwater, Fl, and private high schools in Clearwater, Fl, providing young, bright minds with the opportunity to receive a high-quality, private education.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Step up for Students Scholarship?

A family of four with an annual income of up to $111,000 is one example of who would be eligible for the 2022-23 school year. The scholarship amount is determined by the student’s residence and grade level. Please click here to see the scholarship award amounts for 2022-23.

In terms of age,

  • Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1st
  • Students entering first grade must be six years old by September 1st

Other families that are eligible for a scholarship include:

  • Siblings of Family Empowerment Scholarship participants, including siblings of children who are eligible due to a particular need
  • Regardless of home income, dependent children of a member of the United States Armed Forces may be eligible. Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Space Force, as well as reservists, are included. To learn more, click here.
  • Children of law enforcement officers who are financially reliant on their parents, regardless of home income are included. To learn more, click here.

Is Step Up for Students Scholarship Available at the Lakeside Christian School?

Yes, Lakeside Christian School, one of the best private high schools in Clearwater, Fl, accepts students from the Clearwater area whose parents qualify for the Step Up for Students award.

Through the Step Up for Students scholarships and Lakeside Christian School, the same educational benefits that were previously solely available to those with financial means are now available to everyone. All students at our K-12 private school receive the top curriculum and resources they need to learn more quickly than they would in a regular classroom. Regardless of parental status, there is a large segment of children, both nationally and locally, who have significant gaps in prior grade-level skills, preventing them from succeeding in high school and college.

Do you have questions about the Lakeside Christian School application process? Contact us today and learn more from one of our trained staff members.