How Can I Afford to Send My Child to Private School?

The foundation of any civilization is education, which is why parents strive to provide their children with the best education possible, regardless of their financial background. However, with the ever-changing socio-economic conditions of the world, many parents are left wondering how they can afford to send their children to private schools.

Fortunately, Lakeside Christian School, the best private school in Clearwater, FL, has the solution. If you’re seeking affordable private school options, here are a few things to consider.

Explore Less Costly Private Schools

Not all private schools are expensive. Day schools are generally less expensive than boarding schools and religious schools can be less costly than secular ones. Lakeside Christian School is a religious school that welcomes students of all races, nationalities, and ethnic origins, without discrimination. We offer a comprehensive program for our students and accept McKay and S.U.F.S. scholarships.

Search for Affordable Schools in Your Area

If you’re searching for other private school options, research great schools in your area and read their reviews. While some schools may be affordable due to lower fees, ensure that they don’t compromise on the quality of education.

Apply for Private School Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available to students, including those from organizations such as Florida P.R.I.D.E. and Children First, offering scholarships like Step Up for Students. These scholarships provide up to $7,700 annually to low-income families, students with special needs, students who have been bullied, and children of family members in the armed forces.

Get Financial Aid

Many private schools offer financial aid to families who cannot afford full tuition. Options include tuition payment plans, tuition loans, grants, merit scholarships, outside scholarships, and discounts.

Join Lakeside Christian School

Lakeside Christian School offers truly affordable education without compromising on quality teaching. We have been providing education for all since 1975 and offer various scholarship options. Take the first step towards your child’s better future and join us at Lakeside Christian School.

To learn more, give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour today.