5 Tips To Set Your Child Up For A Successful School Year

The start of a new school year comes with many challenges for both parents and children.

For private middle schools in Clearwater Florida, that stress is magnified ten times. This is due in large part to two things, the first is the more strict curriculum that the students must follow, and the second is the stress of being unprepared for the coming year.

So to make sure both you and your child’s school year goes off without a hitch, here are 5 tips that will make this school year a success.

Take A Personal Interest

Kids for the most part have no idea how to manage a heavy schedule, and classes tend to be much more strict in private schools due to the more personalized teaching method available. As such it is very common for things to slip their mind, either they’ll forget an assignment or a permission slip they need to sign. We recommend that instead of asking “how was school” and getting the same nod of the head for the millionth time ask if they need help with their homework or even any questions they may have about the lesson.

Go On A Campus Tour

Although a campus tour is something mostly done when your child is getting ready to leave for college, a campus tour for the new year especially if this is their first year at this school is actually incredibly helpful. Here at Lakeside Christian School one of the top christian middle schools in Clearwater Florida, we get several campus tours every year and highly recommend coming together with your child to get an idea of what is in store for the both of you.

Explain The Curriculum

Sometimes the most challenging part for students transitioning from public school to private school is the curriculum. Our curriculum is more structured around your child’s individual needs as such they will be challenged more, which can be incredibly stressful. To better prepare them we recommend walking them through what is in store for them, how this is like their old school, and how this is different from their current school. One big thing is the focus on character development we put in our curriculum, not all Christian middle schools in Clearwater Florida include this but we believe that this is a vital step to foster your child’s relationship with God.

Set Goals And Deadlines

Giving your child a simple goal that they can reach within a manageable timeline will do incredible things for them. By having them complete these simple goals they start to build their confidence and it also keeps them motivated, especially if you offer them some sort of reward for completing their goal.

Make The Home A Learning Environment

The second kids step into the home they completely forget about everything that happens at school, they get on their phone or start playing video games with no regard to anything else. To amend this we recommend making the home a learning environment. This means the teaching doesn’t stop even when they get home. A popular tool we recommend is having them help you with cooking. Not only is it fun, but having them measure the ingredients fosters new interest and also creates a learning environment.

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The start of a new school year is always a scary thing, but following these steps you should see a change in your child’s attitude.

Contact us Lakeside Christian School, the top private school in Clearwater Florida and see how we can help you this school year.