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Elementary School

Accelerated Learning Division

Our elementary department includes our mastery, accelerated, and robust learning programs. These programs prepare students for higher education in middle school.

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Middle School

Rigorous Academic Division

Our middle school grades provides high school preparation programs, which includes algebra preparation, study skills, and writing preparation for high school and college.

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High School

College Prep Division

Our college preparation program is included in our high school grades. We provide core academic preparation, and small class sizes.

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Prepare Now1

College Readiness Prep starts in Elementary

If you thought that preparation for college depended on the quality of your high school, you were misinformed. The most important years are from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

No time to wait

Start a solid foundation

Waiting until high school to address preparation gaps is too late for the majority of students who have fallen behind, particularly those who are far off track. Catching up those students is a daunting challenge even for the most effective high schools.

Don’t let your child fall behind

Mastery of Foundational Skills is Non-negotiable

A change in the traditional education process is required. A new recipe providing actionable data, student by student, that informs daily instruction in order to find and eliminate academic gaps, is what your student needs now.

Build a Solid Foundation

Get them started on the right foot

An effective blend of curriculum, methods, technology and educators, creating a path of successful content mastery are the key ingredients establishing a secure path toward college readiness.

Classes fill quickly-don’t wait!

Enrollment for the Fall is Now Open

Lakeside Christian School has moved in new and better directions in educating children from our community.

We invite you to tour our school to find out what we are doing to prepare many of your neighbors’ children for a bright future of educational opportunity.

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