Starting on the Right Path By Selecting the Best Elementary School for Your Child - Lakeside Christian School

Starting on the Right Path By Selecting the Best Elementary School for Your Child

Starting on the Right Path By Selecting the Best Elementary School for Your Child

The start to your child’s education can mean the difference between them developing helpful or harmful learning habits. Over time, the learning habits developed during elementary school will be carried through middle school, into high school, and eventually into college. Lakeside Christian School is an affordable private elementary school in Clearwater, FL, that focuses on your child’s individual learning needs. 

Our small class sizes and supportive teaching staff are the foundation that ensures your child receives the utmost attention and encouragement they need to grow. The future academic success of your child can be directly attributed to their elementary school teachings. At Lakeside Christian School, we believe that a focus on reading and an active and supportive teaching style will give your child the guidance they need to have a successful learning experience from elementary school through high school and beyond.       

Reading Oriented 

Unfortunately, many children lack the necessary reading comprehension as they progress through school. As one of the top private elementary schools in Clearwater, FL, we can provide the best education possible for your child by ensuring they have a solid foundation of reading skills to build on as they grow. Developing beneficial reading habits in elementary school stokes children’s love for reading as their ability to retain and comprehend information is reinforced for the future. 

A summer reading log is one way we encourage our students to improve their reading skills outside of the classroom. We pride ourselves on helping our students develop exceptional reading comprehension levels to better enhance their learning retention and overall scholastic experience.     

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An Active Teaching Style

Elementary school should be about setting the framework for your child’s future academic success while also encouraging their creativity in the classroom. A supportive teacher and mentor can be all a child needs to become passionate about learning. Your child’s elementary school teacher will be their first experience with a formal education and can make the greatest influence on your child’s future education. 

Our teachers also work to keep parents informed with a weekly newsletter including a weekly schedule, worksheets, and, most importantly, individual notes about your child. There are many options for an affordable private elementary school in Clearwater, FL, but Lakeside Christian School ensures your child will receive the highest standard of teaching available and give your child the tools they need to grow academically and creatively.        

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Scholarship Options

Lakeside Christian School offers a number of scholarships for students. Through the Family Empowerment Scholarship, we empower countless children and their families by helping them gain access to a private education regardless of their financial background. We firmly believe that all children should have access to private education and, thanks to a number of scholarships, including Step Up for Students, the McKay Scholarship, and our own FACTS scholarship, we can make it possible. Through our devoted faculty at Lakeside Christian School, our students cultivate academic qualities at a young age that will last them their entire scholastic career and showcase why we are one of the best private elementary schools in Clearwater, FL.   

If you would like to learn more about an affordable private elementary school in Clearwater, FL, like Lakeside Christian School, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.

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