What Sets Lakeside Christian School Apart

When selecting the right school for your son or daughter, you are choosing a school that you believe will help your child develop the necessary skills for future success. Deciding what school is right for your child is a challenging task, as the decision can impact their next chapter in life, including what college or university they attend. College admissions have never been more competitive, and applying can be a challenging time for any family due to the stressful nature of the process. 

When you invest in a private school education like the one provided by Lakeside Christian School, your child will experience a challenging curriculum that will prepare them for a college course load. Furthermore, colleges take careful notice of your child’s graduation requirements and their role outside of the classroom. At Lakeside Christian, we offer students the opportunity to explore a variety of engaging programs outside the classroom, including athletics, the arts, and education-based after school programs. 

Lakeside Christian School is an affordable private school that ranks as one of the top private high schools in Clearwater, FL. We are proud to provide our students with the individualized attention and academic tools they need to flourish. In this editorial, we will discuss how the right balance of schoolwork and extracurricular programs can prepare children of all ages for future success. To learn more about how we challenge students to achieve their academic, social, and career-minded goals, please visit our website.

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School Programs That Place Your Child on the Right Path

The right school should provide your child with the best environment for success. The programs offered within our high school are here to ensure that our students are well prepared for their academic future while becoming well rounded young adults. Many college admission offices want to see diversity in applicants’ academic achievements and interests as they progress through school. 

As a top private high school in Clearwater, FL, we offer a full complement of scholastic and non-scholastic programs, including athletics and a variety of programs for the arts, including a music and drama department. Our students are always encouraged to discover what works best for them. With the help of our amazing teachers and faculty, they can find the right path for their future success.          

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Many Students Begin Their Path in Elementary School

Preparing your child for college doesn’t happen overnight. Many of our successful high school students were originally enrolled in our elementary school program and steadily developed their academic skills over the years until the day they donned that cap and gown. At Lakeside Christian School, we provide students with a strong academic foundation in elementary school that steadily progresses: 

  • Our elementary school, or accelerated learning division, features mastery, accelerated, and robust learning programs that prepare students for higher education. 
  • Our middle school, or rigorous academic division, prepares students for high school by focusing on a challenging course load, including algebra preparation, study skills, and writing preparation.   
  • Our high school, or college preparatory division, is a true college preparation program that provides core academic preparation and small class sizes. 

When you invest in an education at an affordable private elementary school in Clearwater, FL, your child will develop the tools they need to succeed as they mature through our learning program. Because all students thrive at different things, our dedicated staff of teachers help students focus in the areas they need improvement while continuing to strengthen their skills in the areas they excel in. 

Preparing Students for the Future

Setting up our students for future success is what we strive to achieve. Our focus is on providing a conscious effort to make sure our students are prepared for the next step in their lives. Our rigorous curriculum and smaller class sizes allow your child to be challenged while they progress through school. When your child reaches an obstacle along the way, our supportive staff of teachers will help navigate them back on the road to success. The teachers and faculty at Lakeside Christian School are here to push your child academically, promote college and career readiness, and help your child accomplish their goals, both short term and long term. With opportunities for children of all ages, Lakeside Christian School is committed to helping students achieve their lifelong goals, including enrolling in the college of their dreams.    

If you would like to learn more about one of the best private elementary schools in Clearwater, FL, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.