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How Private Schools Improve College Readiness Part 2

How Private Schools Improve College Readiness Part 2

In this two-part article, we are discussing data compiled by national education organizations regarding the high rate of success of private schools at preparing students for college criteria. Although a high school education is extremely important, college readiness actually begins well before high school. The most critical years for learning development are from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

At Lakeside Christian School, we provide educational programs for elementary school, middle school, and high school. If you are interested in learning more about how your children can achieve academic excellence at a Christian elementary school in Clearwater, FL, please contact a school representative today.   

Take Advantage of the Benefits a Private School Has to Offer

As we discussed in the first part of this article, there are several benefits to enrolling your children in a private school setting including:

  • Along with having the option to choose your child’s school, parents prefer the academic standards, dedicated teaching staff, and excellent resources of a private institution.
  • A private school can provide students with an excellent learning environment including an improved student/teacher ratio. The students are also more likely to achieve their academic goals in both high school and at a four-year college.

There’s also statistical evidence that showcases that a private school curriculum can help students prepare and excel at standardized testing.

Private School Students Surpass Standardized Testing Benchmarks

There are a number of recent studies that support that private school students either meet or exceed the benchmark scores for several important standardized tests. In a 2016 study of the College Board’s SAT assessment, private school students greatly surpassed the national mean score for the most common collegiate standardized test. Similarly, according to data compiled by American College Testing (ACT), private school students performed exceptionally well in their 2012 assessment. If you are interested in learning more about these studies or reviewing other studies related to private school success rates, please visit the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) website.  

Whether it’s a better academic learning environment, improved student/teacher ratio, more challenging curriculum, daily tutoring opportunities, or other excellent resources to cultivate your child’s academic preparation, Lakeside Christian School is committed to providing students with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence.

If you would like to learn more about a prestigious Clearwater, FL, Christian school, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.

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