Why Private School Is the Right Choice for Your High Schooler

As children get older, they start to experience some important self-realizations that will, at least partially, solidify their path into the future. Your child may aspire to be any number of things — a doctor, a scientist, an author. To ensure that these goals are in reach post-graduation, your child needs a strong finish to their formal education. For many students, a Christian high school in Clearwater, FL, is the ideal setting to complete their education, as it provides them with several distinct advantages. In this article, we will discuss these advantages and cover several reasons why private high school is the right choice for your teen.

Individualized Education

If you want your high schooler’s education to magnify their strengths and help them reach their peak potential, private school may be the more suitable option. Private schools come in all shapes and sizes. The distinct differences between the various types of private schools ensure that students are receiving an education that sets them apart. Individualized education is strengthened by smaller class sizes that allow students to interact with teachers more closely, build relationships that fortify the academic experience, and forge bonds that exist long after matriculation. There are many Christian high schools in Clearwater, and each one boasts unique strengths. One of the best aspects of private education is the ability to select the school that aligns with your high schooler’s educational aspirations. Of course, we recommend Lakeside Christian School to any family searching for a Christian high school in Clearwater, FL.

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The Financial Factor

For a long time, criticism of private schools centered around affordability; however, this is no longer an issue thanks in part to gracious, state-funded scholarship opportunities courtesy of Step Up For Students in Florida. Today, schools that support Step Up For Students, such as Lakeside Christian School, are helping more and more families gain access to top-tier educational services. Since 2002, more than 784,000 Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarships have been awarded to low-income families, and that is only one of several scholarships offered in the State of Florida. 

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Seizing the Opportunity

In How Private Schools Improve College Readiness, we noted that some studies indicate that “private school students are more likely to obtain a high school diploma, attend a four-year college, and earn a bachelor’s degree.” The statistics don’t lie. More private school graduates reach college because they are given the tools to succeed from the beginning. At Lakeside Christian School, college readiness is woven into the fabric of every child’s educational journey, ensuring that, if they so choose, they can pursue a wholesome life of academia. Are you looking to provide your child with the opportunity of a lifetime? Consider enrolling your child at a Christian high school in Clearwater, FL, to take advantage of the numerous benefits of an individualized private education.

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