In Memory of Our Friend, Joseph Smith - Lakeside Christian School

In Memory of Our Friend, Joseph Smith

In Memory of Our Friend, Joseph Smith

We will miss Joseph Smith. He was a wonderful husband, father, brother, teacher, and was a Christ-like example to all he met. In his life and his death, Joseph honored Jesus.

Joseph knew long before he found out about his cancer that he was called to die daily to self (1 Cor 15:31; Luke 9:23). Because he treasured Christ above all else, he knew his treasure was in heaven and that one day he would receive the greatest gain above all this life can offer.

We appreciate that he gave up his few years of retirement to serve at Lakeside Christian School. We will miss his many jokes, too.  Anyone Joseph found at LCS wearing the color orange would certainly hear him say, “well, orange you fabulous.” There were a 100 more like that one flowing constantly from his great sense of humor.

A memorial service for Joseph will be held at Lakeside Community Chapel on Feb 18th at 2 PM. All of his friends are invited.

— Jim Jensen


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