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Why Maintaining Your Child’s GPA in Middle School Is Vital to Their Development

Why Maintaining Your Child’s GPA in Middle School Is Vital to Their Development

As a society, we have a tendency to overlook the transition from elementary to middle school, which can be quite jarring in its own right. After all, the entire structure of middle school is vastly different from elementary schools’ “one teacher to a class” system. Middle school students are expected to have adapted to the school system by the time they enter sixth grade. During the next three years, students will be asked to absorb a vast amount of information as they bridge the gap from simple concepts to more complex teachings. It often seems like the ultimate goal of middle school is to survive until high school, but in actuality, middle school is a time when students can build the foundation for their high school experience. 

At Lakeside Christian School, a Christian middle school in Clearwater, FL, we provide students with rigorous high school preparation programs that boost skills in algebra, writing, and more. During grades six, seven, and eight, students are molded into enlightened thinkers and problem solvers who yearn to be challenged, ensuring that they experience a smooth transition to the next level. Students that excel in high school start by maintaining a strong GPA throughout middle school. Here are the reasons why:  

Developing Proper Study Habits

Like math, science, language arts, and other subject areas, the ability to study properly must be learned through consistent instruction. Students who fail to adopt proper study habits can find themselves left behind once they enter high school. Studying is a foundational skill that can boost a student’s performance across multiple subject areas, and middle school is the perfect time to develop these skills. The amount of homework that children are tasked with completing spikes dramatically during this time, and the formation of reliable study habits is the only way to keep up. Needless to say, better study habits will lead to a higher GPA and a greater chance of success in high school.

Overcoming the Hump

According to Deborah Kasak from the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform, “Many [students] make that decision to drop out–either consciously or unconsciously–during those middle grades years.” Paying close attention to our middle school students is important if we want them to succeed, but overcoming the hump isn’t always easy. Many children find middle school to be a significantly more daunting challenge than what they grew accustomed to in elementary school. Middle school distractions are another cause for concern. Bullying, puberty, and an evolving self-awareness can lead children down the wrong path without proper instruction. This is why, at our Christian middle school in Clearwater, FL, we work hard to cultivate an environment of learning and acceptance that helps children sustain an interest in education and a desire to be their very best. 

Is Your Child’s GPA Suffering?

When the progress your child made in elementary school comes skidding to a halt in middle school, it’s time to make a change. As one of the top Christian middle schools in Clearwater, FL, our staff is dedicated to providing a guiding hand to children during this confusing time. With small class sizes and plenty of one-on-one instruction, children are afforded the freedom to overcome academic obstacles and become their best. We’d love to give you the opportunity to check out our school for yourself and your family, so you can see why Lakeside Christian School is the best Christian middle school in Clearwater, FL.

If you would like to learn more about Lakeside Christian School, one of the best Christian middle schools in Clearwater, FL, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.

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