Looking for Step Up For Students Participating Schools in Clearwater, FL? Consider Lakeside Christian School

Step Up For Students is a state-approved nonprofit scholarship funding organization that provides five different types of scholarships for Florida school children in need. The goal of these scholarships is to assist lower-income families with providing their children with the most appropriate learning options. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) and the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) can both be used towards private school tuition and fees.


More than 1,784 private schools throughout the State of Florida participate in the scholarship, and qualifying families are free to choose the school they feel will work best for their child. If you’re searching for a private school that participates in Step Up For Students in Clearwater, FL, look no further than Lakeside Christian School. We accept all students from the local Clearwater area whose parents qualify for the scholarship and provide them with the process, program, and tools necessary to accelerate their learning far beyond the normal pace of mainstream education.


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Our Mission Statement

Part of why Lakeside Christian School is so proud to participate in the Step Up For Students scholarship program is because it allows our school to meet the intent of our mission and purpose statements: to fully equip our students for life by providing a high-quality education. We apply the highest standards upon our faculty and staff and constantly seek to improve our professional skills so that we may better educate students of differing educational abilities and backgrounds.

When your child graduates from Lakeside Christian School, you can be confident that they will be:


  • An effective communicator prepared for college and career requirements
  • A critical and creative thinker who is prepared to overcome all obstacles and trials
  • A spirit-led individual who loves God and comprehends His world through the lens of Scripture
  • An academic overachiever whose love for learning guides them forward on their path to success


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Our Academic Divisions

Lakeside Christian School, one of the Step Up For Students participating schools in Clearwater, FL, divides elementary, middle, and high school into three divisions: the Accelerated Learning Division, the Rigorous Academic Division, and the College Prep Division. Each of these divisions is accompanied by unique, accelerated learning programs designed to provide students with college and career readiness. Whether you’re interested in making sure your elementary school student develops into a competent reader or looking to ensure that your high school student has the skills necessary to succeed in college, Lakeside Christian School is the place for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how we challenge all of our students to achieve their academic and personal goals, give us a call.


If you would like to learn more about Lakeside Christian School, one of the Step Up For Students participating schools in Clearwater, FL, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.