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Establishing Family Traditions

Establishing Family Traditions

At Lakeside Christian School, we consider it our privilege to help your child grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. While we spend a significant amount of time with your children during the week, there is no substitute for the security that family routine and traditions bring to a child’s life. We’d like to suggest that you develop and maintain family traditions, if that’s not already a part of your family’s life. Don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed at the thought? Here are a few ideas of where to begin:

  1. LIST: make a list of all the holidays you celebrate, and think about these things: what traditions did you have growing up (how sweet to carry on multi-generational traditions!)? What feel do you want these holidays to have in your home? What do your children enjoy? What things have you already done?
  2. RESEARCH: look at events offered around the year in your area, and research traditions for your ethnicity. You may find some truly interesting ideas that your family will love!
  3. ASK: ask your children what things you already do that they enjoy, and some traditions they think would be fun. You don’t have to do everything they suggest, but kids are creative. They may do some thinking for you!
  4. PLAN: Once you have your ideas, write them down, and then write down when you plan to do them in your yearly calendar. That way, you won’t forget!
  5. START SMALL: no need to plan 5 traditions for every single holiday. Something simple like Publix subs on a blanket for the 4th of July fireworks, taking in the Largo lights at Christmas and then coming home to hot chocolate, making a thankfulness chain on Thanksgiving, etc. are all simple ideas that kids will love looking forward to every year. Holiday traditions too intimidating? Create a weekly or monthly tradition, like game night!

Enjoy planning your family traditions, and look forward to the fun your children will have. Share with us some of the traditions your family already enjoys. We’d love to hear them!

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