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Christian Elementary School in Clearwater, FL

Are you looking at Christian elementary schools in Clearwater for your child? Your child’s education is the path to their future, and as a parent, you want to make sure this path leads them to the right place.

At Lakeside Christian School, our path is paved with top-notch academics and guided by our faith in God. We believe in each and every one of our students, which is reflected by our 100% graduation rate.

A Well-Rounded Christian Education

As a child of God, a student is far more than a number on a standardized test or a college admission statistic. LCS offers accelerated, college-preparatory level academics, and we help all students along their unique respective paths. We never treat a behaviorally-challenged student as inferior or “less than” his or her peers. Our compassionate and highly skilled teachers are gifted when it comes to helping every single child maximize their potential.

At LCS, we believe that every child can be a first-rate learner. Our modern technology includes one-on-one intuitive adaptive software that meets each child where they are in their current learning journey. Our textbooks are brand-new and our small classes (20-25) facilitate personalized attention from teachers.

Faith, Service, and Diversity

Rooted in Christianity but welcoming of every faith, Lakeside Christian School is a daily “home away from home” for our students. Our student body perfectly reflects the ethnic diversity of Pinellas County, which we consider important. It is isolating for a child to be the only student of his or her race or ethnic background, and it is equally limiting for a child to interact solely with other children who come from the exact same background. We are proud to say that LCS embodies the well-rounded environment in which children can see the world for the beautiful, diverse place that God created it to be.

Similarly, we welcome children of all faiths to share in our Christian and inclusive environment. We believe that instilling the biblical values of service and kindness will benefit any child. At LCS, we are all here to glorify God, celebrate one another, and do our utmost for every student’s future.

Scheduling Tours of Christian Elementary Schools in Clearwater?

Naturally, the best way to see whether LCS would be the best Christian Elementary School in Clearwater, FL, for your child is to come pay us a visit!  We offer 1-on-1 tours during school hours, so you can take a genuine, unfiltered peek at our environment.

If you’re like many American families and are thinking, “I can’t afford a private school” don’t let that hold you back. At LCS, we are proud to be a Step Up for Students participating school. This means that you can make your decision based entirely on your child’s needs. A private school education should not be a luxury but an exciting opportunity open to all who seek it.

To schedule a visit or ask us any questions, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or fill out this form.