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Choosing the Best Educational Experience for Your Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Choosing the Best Educational Experience for Your Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although it is anticipated that students between the ages of 5 and 12 will soon be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, schools are still coping with day-to-day challenges and changes, and navigating the best way to keep students safe. Add in the fact that many public schools are caught in a tug-of-war with the state for funding and mask mandates, and it creates a perfect storm of stress for educators and parents alike. With that in mind, many parents are still considering changes to their original education plan, looking for the best educational experience available during and after the pandemic.


In this brief article, the team at our Clearwater, FL Christian school has shared a few tips to help you understand your child’s educational options and explains why it’s never too late to change to a private school like Lakeside Christian School.


Consider Virtual Learning for Independent Learners


Virtual learning has been a staple at many schools navigating COVID outbreaks. Certainly during 2020, virtual learning proved it’s worth. Yet the public school system hasn’t prioritized keeping virtual learning as an option for medically vulnerable students or for those who prefer the independence of virtual learning.


Virtual learning has many of the same benefits as in-person learning, but it sometimes has a bad reputation because there is a stigma that, if given the opportunity for flexibility, students won’t actually commit to learning. However, that stigma is largely unfounded because your child will still be part of the class and as such will receive individualized attention and have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in group activities and discussions. Where virtual learning actually differs is in both the social aspects and the ability to take more personal responsibility regarding one’s own schedule.


During virtual learning at a Christian middle school in Clearwater, FL, your child will still be expected to participate in classroom activities via live video sessions and message boards. They will also still receive assignments and homework just as though they have attended in-person. But, unlike classes that take place in-person, your child may have more of an opportunity to learn at their own pace at various times of the day when they feel they may be more motivated for particular subjects.


If you have a child who you believe will thrive in a virtual environment, you can connect with the school virtually as well to learn more and schedule a tour. You may find it helpful to attend a virtual open house, visit the school’s website, or tune in to a virtual information session. If this is a return “visit” to find out more about a particular area of the school, such as extracurriculars, curriculum, or the specifics of a college prep program, then a private Zoom call may be more appropriate.

Understand COVID Precautions for In-Person Learning


If your child learns best in an in-person environment, that shouldn’t have to stop just because of COVID. The key here is choice. Being able to choose between in-person or virtual instruction and not being at the whim of a school district can make your COVID-19 plans less nerve-wracking.


If you are considering in-person learning for your child, here are some examples of the types of questions you may want to ask a potential school, as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):


  1. What prevention strategies are you currently using to keep my child safe in school?
  2. How will you keep parents and caregivers updated on any changes in the school’s prevention strategies?
  3. How and when are you updating your protocols for COVID-19?
  4. Will you be hosting information sessions about COVID-19 vaccination for parents, guardians, and eligible students?
  5. Are you requiring teachers, staff, or students 12 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
  6. Will you be providing screening testing regularly?
  7. What happens if my child’s teacher gets sick from COVID-19?
  8. Are there procedures in place for contact tracing?
  9. What is your quarantine policy if my child comes into close contact with someone who has COVID-19?
  10. Are you allowing visitors on campus? And if so, what procedures are you using for guests?
  11. Are you using outdoor spaces for learning, extracurricular activities, or mealtime?
  12. What are you doing to keep students safe when they are eating meals?
  13. What are my remote learning options if my child has to quarantine or isolate?


Of course, COVID precautions aren’t the only thing you should ask about. Extracurricular activities and learning opportunities outside of the classroom can be just as important to your student’s in-person learning and educational experience as lesson plans. You may want to ask a private middle school in Clearwater, FL what types of activities students can expect to participate in on a regular basis.

When Can You Change Schools?


There seems to be the idea that you can’t, or shouldn’t change your child’s school once the academic year has begun. However, that’s not always the case. If your child is struggling in a traditional public school because of the impacts of COVID-19, you have the option to switch to one of the private Christian schools in Clearwater, FL.


With over 40 years of experience and a diverse student body of children who participate both in virtual learning and/or an in-person setting, Lakeside Christian School is built on the biblical principles of loving God and loving others. This care is demonstrated through the warm, respectful relationships among staff and between staff and students, and uses a tailored approach to your child’s education. We also have set forth clear guidelines that will take the guesswork out of the way that we handle COVID-19 outbreaks to mitigate future disruption. If you’re interested in learning more about how we challenge all of our students to achieve their academic and personal goals, give us a call.


If you would like to learn more about Lakeside Christian School, a Christian middle school in Clearwater, FL, please give us a call at (727) 239-7808 or schedule a tour of our campus.

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