Charter Schools vs. Lakeside Christian School

When it comes to your child’s education, you obviously have options. In Florida, the most poplar choices are public, private, and charter. You would not have to research long before finding copious evidence that the Florida public schools are mostly sub-par. Still, they do not charge tuition, which is appealing. Since one cannot choose the public school for their child to attend, many look at charter schools. Charter schools also do not charge tuition. Private schools do charge tuition, and for many, this is the hill they die on. With charter schools rising in popularity (especially in our area), it’s important to know the facts about both charter schools and LCS before making a decision for your child’s education.



Non-religious. By law, they cannot teach non-academic religion.

Those who fund the charter school determine all details: management, curriculum, etc.

Rules and accountability vary quite widely among all charter schools; there is no real standard.

Some seek to serve those who cannot work well in traditional academic environments.

Charter schools are fairly new. With new programs, there are risks and unanticipated issues.

They are not always required by law to hire teachers with appropriate credentials.

Not all use standardized tests, making it difficult to track progress and effectiveness.

They must be willing to accept any students.

Charter schools often have a targeted audience, meaning they can be less diverse.

No tuition required.


Christian to the core. Nobody can take away our right to teach biblical worldview to our students.

We choose our own curriculum, management, etc. based on the depth of our knowledge of students.

What you see is what you get. LCS has heldĀ to the same standards for over 40 years.

We interview every student to see if they would contribute to our positive learning environment.

We have been serving the community for over 40 years and have a wealth of experience.

We only hire professional, qualified educators.

We track progress throughout the year, tracking the students’ progress and the effectiveness of our program.

As stated above, we are careful about the students we accept, but do not discriminate.

Our student population is diverse, reflecting the community that surrounds us.

LCS charges tuition, but offers several scholarships that make our education affordable for all.


While charter schools may be the better fit for some families, we believe Lakeside Christian School is the option of choice for those who want their child to have an excellent education from a biblical worldview, with a safe learning environment and caring staff. Find out for yourself how attainable private Christian education can be and call LCS today. Schedule a free tour!