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5 Advantages of Enrolling Your Children in Private Elementary Schools

When your children have officially reached the age to begin school, you will be forced to decide the best course for them moving forward. Certainly, you want the best possible education for your child, but you also want them to develop socially, emotionally, and physically, too.

Choosing between public and private school can be a difficult decision, but evidence suggests that many children will receive a superior education in a private school setting, especially in the elementary age bracket. In fact, many public school teachers enroll their children at private schools. If you are deciding between public and private elementary schools in Clearwater, FL, consider these seven advantages of enrolling your children in a Clearwater private school.

Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools typically have much smaller class sizes. This provides your children with more one-on-one time with their teacher(s), which allows these educators to identify every child’s strengths and weaknesses more accurately. They can then use this information to tailor their teaching methods to every child’s specific needs.

Emphasizing the Arts

Art programs in public schools have been under attack by lawmakers for years. By comparison, private schools are allowed to institute art-related classes at will. Whether it’s acting in a play, performing in a musical, painting a picture for an art exhibit, or participating in a talent show, the arts are alive and well in private schools.

Advancing Learning with Technology

The comparatively larger technology budgets at private schools give students a significant advantage over their peers in public schools. In many private schools, students have access to laptops or tablets for personal use. Plus, private schools can invest in superior internet service and afford to employ technology experts to ensure that all devices receive proper maintenance throughout the year.

Healthy Food for Happy Students

At many private schools, the tuition includes access to healthy foods. Public schools are notorious for providing students with lackluster foods with insufficient nutritional value. Conversely, private schools often account for vegan diets, food allergies, and other dietary sensitivities. Plus, private schools typically offer an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep students healthy.

Flexible Curriculum Designed for Student Success

Private schools are especially notable for providing parents and their children with diverse options tailored to their specific learning and situational needs. 

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