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PEG Writing: Exciting News!

PEG Writing: Exciting News!

Last year, Lakeside Christian School added an intuitive-adaptive technology (PEG) to help middle school students come up to speed and meet the more rigorous writing requirements of high school. This technology is a part of a closed loop educational system when it is blended and congruent with the curriculum and standards. On its own, it’s capable of improvement for each student. But when put in the hands of a competent instructor, the results can be exceptional!

We have one such instructor that has taken the PEG technology and has made it come alive for her students, causing real change and improvement. Lindsay Anderson, our middle school Language Arts teacher, was selected for PEG’s March’s Spotlight on Teachers.

Ms. Anderson shares some of the joy in using PEG with her middle school students:

“Initially, my students would groan when I mentioned PEG.  (Naturally, it forced them to revise and edit their own writing.)  After a few projects on PEG, their opinions genuinely changed.  The students are often eager to start the writing process, and not-so patiently wait to press submit to see their improved score.”

Even the students have good things to say about PEG:

“A pro about peg writing is that it tells you all these grammar mistakes that you made. On top of peg telling you what you did wrong it gives you interactive lessons on how to fix the mistakes.”

“I am glad we have PEG, because it advances my skills, and helps me grow in writing.”

“My experience on peg has been amazing. It has taught me so many different skills. I like the way it gives you a score.. And when you see that score it gives you a push of confidence. This is a tremendous program for students who want to get better in their writing.”

Follow this link to read PEG’s own post about Ms. Anderson and her brilliant use of PEG in her classroom. We’re proud to have such educators in our school, using such productive technology!

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Here, Ms. Anderson’s class presents some of what they’ve learned in their PEG class.



Ms. Anderson is one of the many talented, passionate educators at LCS!

If you’d like to learn more about Lakeside Christian School and the programs we use to make a difference, call and schedule a free tour today!


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