Lakeside Christian School utilizes an Educational Therapy Program from the National Institute for Learning Development, NILD. Educational Therapy is an effective remediation of the underlying cognitive causes of learning difficulties. Studentís who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities are candidates for this layered intervention provided in the Lakeside Christian School mainstream school program. Studentís who have not responded well to prior interventions of core and intensive instruction may also be candidates.

NILDís Search Teach Program is a targeted early intervention program for young learners who have been identified by testing as being vulnerable to learning difficulties. Search is the early screening component that consists of tests on visual, auditory, and neurodevelopment. Lakeside Christian School annually tests all K5 and 1st Grade students in order to provide an early warning of pending future academic struggles.

Educational Therapy for grades 2 to 12 is done weekly outside of the classroom concentrating on building efficient learning processes. In effect, it teaches students how to think, rather than what to think. The goal of Educational Therapy is to help students become successful, independent learners. All of the Lakeside Learning Solutions Professional Staff meet or exceed the annual requirements for certification from NILD.